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CLC Laptop Care provide high-quality computer repair and service at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business or residential location. Whether it is computer help or PC repair you need, we got you covered. Our factory-trained technicians can diagnose and repair all issues on any make or model.

With experience in all aspects of the hardware and software required we can get your laptop/computer running like new again. We fix laptop motherboards! With our practical knowledge of common laptop faults and by analyzing component level electronics we can repair your laptop quickly and efficiently.

Our Component repairs will also be more economical than replacing an entire circuit board. If you need LCD screen replacement, motherboard repair, Windows reloaded or hard drive, CPU and ram upgrades then we can do it at your door step ‘on one call”

We deal in all makes and models - Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM/Lenovo, Nec, Toshiba and Vaio. All parts and repairs done will come with a 3 month warranty. Feel free to call us at 9020088108 or fill our laptop query form along with a completed repair history (if any). we will diagnose the fault and get back to you with a cost effective repair solution within 8 hours.

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Laptop Maintenance Tips


Motherboard Repair

If you have a motherboard that has failed or is malfunctioning, we can repair it or replace it. We can also repair liquid damaged motherboards, saving you hundreds of dollars

Component level repair

We are trained to repair laptops down to component level. With cutting edge technology to our disposal we are much more equipped to resolve issues which are common on most laptops.

replacement of BGA

We have solutions for all your BGA rework and repair needs. We're equipped with 5 top-of-the line BGA rework systems and a staff of engineers and operators with in-depth knowledge.

hard drive failure

In case of Hard Drive failure, we can replace the damaged hard drive with an upgraded larger capacity part, re-install Windows or Mac operating system, we also offer data recovery services.